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We are offering a collection with most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you, if you can not find your answer there or you need further information please contact us using our e-mail or telephone number.

For an immidiate help please hold your company-name as well as the last name which you used for your registration.
Please add these information to your e-mail or hold it for your call.

If you have any further questions about a specific job advertisement please send us the appropriate number. You can find it at the page "My Account" next to the name of the job advertisement (example: #123456 ).


+49 911 5880-4960

Our support is available at the usual office hours.
If we are not able to take your call please leave us a message and we are happy to call you back as soon as possible.



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Alle Infos rund um Bewerbung, Vorstellungsgespräch und Assessmentcenter.

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